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Discovering the Foundation

The Saint-Gobain Foundation is celebrating its 12th anniversary. Twelve years of supporting and backing projects focused on integrating and improving the living places of people experiencing hardship. However, our financial support would be nothing without the involvement of our employees. Group employees and retirees, it’s time to find out more about the Foundation and the many ways in which we can support projects run by non-profits in the fields of housing and employment integration.

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Promoting the Foundation’s news

Read all the Foundation’s latest news on social media using the hashtag #SaintGobainFoundation: current projects and events near you, and around the world. And if you like what you read, share it. After all, you are our first ambassadors.

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Share your favorite charity


The Foundation wishes to promote employees’ commitment to charities and associations whatever form they take. Group employees and retirees, do you have a charity or association whose work you think is particularly valuable? You can let us know here and share your experience.

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Organizing solidarity teambuilding

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Solidarity teambuilding is an opportunity to get your team in behind a meaningful shared project. A growing number of managers from all backgrounds are engaging in this useful and enriching approach. For a few hours or a day, get out into the field and put your collective energy and skills to good use to benefit an association and the people it is helping. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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Helping on a project

Worldwide, Saint-Gobain employees are making the commitment to support solidarity actions. Your skills and expertise, whatever they are, can be useful for helping an association. Creating your profile and filling out your areas of expertise and availability are the first step in joining a pool of experts and volunteers on the ground.


Marpent, France

Logistics and supply chain

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Norcross, USA

Volunteering / Helping hand
HR / Management

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Argenteuil, France

Volunteering / Helping hand
Finance & Administration

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Ana Livia

Choisy Au Bac, France

Volunteering / Helping hand
Logistics and supply chain

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Make a direct donation

There are many ways of supporting the Foundation and demonstrating your solidarity. You can give an association some of your time, become a Foundation ambassador or even a sponsor... Why not also support projects by making a direct financial donation? In France, for its 10th anniversary, the Saint-Gobain Foundation is shining a light on three particularly worthy, and very different projects, encouraging employees to support them and matching all donations.


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Become a project sponsor

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You want to help a charitable project? Then become a sponsor and you will be the link between the Foundation and the charity or association you want to support. Being a sponsor is a rewarding experience and a source of personal development. When you decide to sponsor an association’s project, you are providing it with an additional lifeline. Thanks to you, the project is presented to the Foundation and, if it is accepted, it will receive funding that can often be crucial.

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Donations in kind

There is an opportunity for Saint-Gobain’s industrial sites and distribution brands that not everyone is aware of: materials donations. For construction projects, a donation of materials is often a source of precious additional aid for an association. For its 10th anniversary, the Foundation will be telling you more about this in order to encourage businesses to become engaged in this way.

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