Notre tout premier projet : La Maison Relais (Habitat et Humanisme - France)

Our very first project: La Maison Relais (Habitat et Humanisme - France)

The first project supported by the Saint-Gobain Foundation was sponsored by Jean-Dominique Ferey, at the time the manager of a POINT. P outlet in Caen (France). This project, run by the nonprofit Habitat et Humanisme in the Manche region, had been set up to refurbish old buildings in the city of Cherbourg, which would become the Maison Relais Julie Postel. A total of 19 separate dwellings able to house 23 residents on very low incomes were completed in July 2010. The buildings also provide the residents with an opportunity to meet together in friendly shared spaces. The tenants can live there as long as they want with a goal of long-term reintegration.

The Saint-Gobain Foundation provided funding of €40,000 for this project together with advice about how to improve the buildings’ energy efficiency.