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Promoting the Foundation's news

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Fondation's 10th aniversary in the world

The Foundation’s 10th anniversary was celebrated throughout the Saint-Gobain landscape. Everywhere the Group is present, the Saint-Gobain Foundation was highlighted during one week in June 2018 through awareness-raising events, activities and unique shared moments of solidarity.

Activities and pertinent exchanges throughout the world covered many Foundation and engagement-centered themes such as:

  • On the theme “I discover the Foundation”: a presentation of the Foundation in Lebanon, a wall of Foundation projects in China, talks about commitment in France, lectures on volunteering and social entrepreneurship in Brazil, a festive anniversary celebration with the association “Les enfants de Nizhny Novgorod” in Russia
  • On the theme “I support the Foundation”: numerous wishing trees in France, Italy and China
  • On the theme “I give”: Multiple donations organized in China, France and Brazil
  • On the theme “I volunteer”: a volunteer day in Poland and Mexico, a Pro Bono speed meeting in France
  • On the theme “I sponsor”: the opening ceremony of the Horizont association project sponsored by the Saint-Gobain Foundation in Germany

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