Become a project sponsor

Become a project sponsor


Becoming a project sponsor means being the ambassador for a non-profit association, its privileged contact with the Saint-Gobain Foundation, the crucial link to ensure the successful completion of a project. This role implies a commitment for the term of the project.

Sponsors present a project that they feel is particularly worthy and request funding from the Foundation. They then track the project from beginning to end.

All current or retired Saint-Gobain employees can make this commitment and become a project sponsor. It begins by going on our project submission interface in order to submit your project

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Answers to all your questions about being a sponsor:

How do I know if my project will be considered acceptable or not?

Before preparing your project, refer to our instructions in the brochure called “Working together for the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all.”

If your project is run by a non-profit, benefits people suffering hardship, is located near a Saint-Gobain site and comes within the scope of the Foundation’s fields of action (social housing and/or integration through work), then there is every chance of it being considered acceptable.

However, take into account the following : 

  • Projects that are heavily oriented on health or handicaps must have a social dimension (for a disadvantaged population) or include employment integration

  • The amount requested is appraised in light of the number of beneficiaries

  • The Foundation does not provide any construction materials and does not cover any running costs

  • Highly socially innovative projects are particularly encouraged (ex: equipment charity shops, circular economy employment integration, etc)

  • With regards to employment insertion, it's important to check that the training program is a qualifying training program

If you think your project is in line with these criteria, you can submit your projet.It will be assessed by the Foundation team and two committees, which together will decide whether or not to support it and the associated financial aid.

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What are the different steps of a project ? 

There are at least 6 steps. The first three must be validated to pursue the other steps. The sponsor of the project is involved in each step. He or she is the intermediary between the Foundation and the charity organization

See the steps

Can I be a sponsor or volunteer during my work time?

At present, within the Saint-Gobain group, there is no skills and sponsorship program enabling sponsors, whether an expert or volunteer, to engage in solidarity actions during their work hours. However, managers usually view these activities positively and are relatively flexible with regard to their employees engaged in these actions, aware of the positive impact it has on them, the project beneficiaries and even for the company.

Does the Foundation directly organize the donation of materials?

No. The Saint-Gobain Foundation allocates funding to finance the project (works, training, professional integration actions, etc.). The funds are never allocated to cover an association’s operating costs. The contribution of professional expertise or volunteer actions and the donation of materials are the responsibility of the sponsors and business units. More information about donation of materials.

What is the Foundation’s budget?

The Foundation’s overall budget since 2008 has been €9.8 million. It is increasing. For example, for 2018, it is €1.6 million.

How many projects have been supported by the Foundation since it was created in 2008?

The Foundation has already supported 148 projects, some of which are still current. It is thanks to the commitment of 148 sponsors that these projects have been brought to life. In the past 10 years, 115 nonprofit associations have benefited from the Foundation’s support.


Après avoir aidé par le biais de la fondation Pam, pour aider les jeunes à obtenir leurs diplômes, j’ai monté un projet avec la Fondation Saint-Gobain pour un foyer de Pont à Mousson, pour rénover des chambres et lieux de vies des résidents immigrés et en insertion. je ne remercierai jamais assez M. L et R qui m'ont fait confiance. 10 ans après, le foyer est devenu résidence sociale d... read

Pont a Mousson, France

prince's trust

When I first sat down with the Prince’s Trust and learnt about the Cumbrae House project in Glasgow, Scotland  I was most struck by some of the statistics about why developing a new centre for vulnerable young people was so important. 36,000 young unemployed people in the city of Glasgow region. The lowest life expectancy in the UK and considerable social issues such as drug use, chro... read

Coventry, UK


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